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as a participant and enjoy our network / benefits


Steps to follow:

1) Subscribe to our Executive list, sending your job position and company;  if you are eligible you will receive a specific confirmation;
2) Specify the reason/s why you want to join us:

         (a) networking, (b) also considering to be a partner, (c) others in notes.
3) Tell us one or more editions you are interested in;
4) Click and PAY your tickets, eventually using your Coupon
 Code; Note that the payment is referred to THE EXECUTIVE AWARD Switzerland;
5) Check the boxes and submit.


Subscribe to our Executive List
(3) Choose one or more options of your interest:

Thanks for submitting! We will get in touch soon.

1) You won't receive your tickets until you complete the payment;
2) The application is NOT to become an award winner but to join our
events as a participantNominations are NOT allowed from anybody but the jury, alumni and other official committees. 
3) C
lick here to ask for the invoice;
4) Email for assistance.


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